Children’s special book for Ms. Maitha


My Book gift Done by Pre-K artists : D  (thank you mentor) its so special

mentor wrote what children wanted to say to me and about their pictures,T__T Cuteness

Let’s start with Ali


Ali – Palestine-

we look amazing in this picture Ali 😛 hahaha


Sumaya: Jordan –

Oh myyy Sumaya you wrote many things in your picture!! I wish I can know what u wrote though

we look so cute with smily faces flying I guess? lol 😀 Gotta Luv this one


Hana-Egypt: we look cool – are we pretending  to drive a car or a bus here? 😀

these chairs are in the playground, she used to sit next to me always :”) that’s why she draw this Im sure.. Gonna miss my Hana !!


Ryoma-Japan – hide and seek picture

 becuase he loves to hide specially if he wasn’t in the mood and feeling sleepy in the morning 😀 but I always find him, always hide in his cubby hehe 🙂 u’ll be missed Ryoma ❤ ..


Alya-UAE : I gave you a cookie

I guess she draw that becuase during snack time I sometimes find her eating her cookies  and she tries to hide them and eat “cookies are not alowed, now she is giving me her cookie I guess 😀 lool


Nicolas: Germany/USA – Playing with Ms. Maitha- whats thaaat belly button?? Nico! :D!? thats so funny

Nicolas draw his best friends Youssef and Ali playing with me hide and seek .. and he said: he will make me a rainbow in the sky to make me happy :”) speechles ~Gonna miss you guys



why do I look like burned potato saeed !!!!! XD HAHAHA u have the funniest drawings in the class always

I will keep this forever, Luv this 😀 mr Local



she is really socially smart and know how to speak!,  that was so sweet, I heard her saying this to the teacher and the teacher wrote it in the picture..:”) so special Ella I will never forget you thats for sure :”)


Mayed-UAE Mr Local,

why do I look shorter than u big boy -.- we look so round & funny & cute lool..



I want to hug you now , where are you now :”(, Salamaa!! I want to go to a plane too hahaha thats totally unrelated Lets go Salama



he gave me 3 Hugs before I go, and he said I love you Ms Maitha~ :”( I’ll Miss you Youssef~ thanks for the sweet drawing 🙂

ImageCeline -Filipino 

Looks like me 🙂 I dont know who’s the other one with the veil too! ~she said I want to go to Ms Maitha in the dolphinarium ~ coz we were gonna go their in the next day and we did & we had fun 😀 I’ll Miss Celine


Nathan-Italy : I really want to try this mickeymouse raindbow slide so bad 😀   ?? is that mickemouse ?


Adam-Lebanon/USA, I didn’t know that the school’s grass belong to me till I read this “teacher wrote what he said about his drawing”  I will miss Adam a LOT </3



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  1. Waaaaaaaaaaw ! I can’t describe my feelings right now. Teaching and caring for the little ones is the most rewarding job EVER! I will probably ask my kids to do that for me in my training cours e next year Inshallah. Thanks Maitha for sharing this beautiful thing with us. You are a True Great EC Teacher.

  2. thanks Iman .. you are right
    and welcome to the blog fellow teacher, Im graduating after few weeks btw
    I hope your training course will be as much fun as mine & u’ll learn alot from your mentor
    you know.. I didn’t ask for this nor expected it ,
    all I wanted is some pictures for them to keep as a memory
    this was a surprise from them, Idea was from my mentor of course
    Im missing them already

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